"I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it's almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time." -Kelly Slater
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Surf Lessons

When you sign up for surf lessons with Lahaina Surf Shack, you’re not just signing up to learn how to ride a wave. At Lahaina Surf Shack, we personalize all of our lessons to suit you and your abilities. We will not only teach you the ancient art of surfing, we will show you the culture of surfing. We will teach you how to keep yourself and others safe in the water by teaching proper surfer etiquette. You will leave with a better understanding of the water and reef and respect islanders have for both. Our goal at the end of every lesson is for you to safely time and catch a wave on your own. We guarantee you will stand up, learn a new art and have a great time. We offer various types of lessons which include Private, Semi-private and our Group Lessons. All of our lessons are 2 hours long.

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Private Lessons

Lends you a 1:1 ratio with your instructor for a 2 hour lesson. Here you and your instructor will have one on one time making the most of your time in the water. You will catch an ample amount of waves as you progress through your lesson. ($150 per person).  

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Semi-Private Lessons

Allows you and a friend to enjoy a private lesson with just the two of you and your instructor. Semi-private lessons allow you to enjoy learning to surf with a smaller group that allows you more waves. ($100 per person).  

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Group Lessons

You may choose to join a group lesson or bring your own group of up to 5 people, with one instructor. You will share your time in the water with the 4 other people in your group as you learn to surf together. ($75 per person minimum of 2 people required).  

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